Microsoft and Salesforce settle patent dispute, which sells internet business software in direct competition with Microsoft’s Dynamics suite, has settled with Microsoft which sued it for being unoriginal in May.

Microsoft originally said that Salesforce made moolah on direct infringements of Microsoft patents. Salesforce in its own right does well for itself and Redmond wasn’t a fan so it let loose a pack of lawyers to tear it a new one.

However the two companies have now reached a patent agreement. Microsoft announced in an official statement: “The cases have been settled through a patent agreement in which will receive broad coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio for its products and services as well as its back-end server infrastructure during the term. Also as part of the agreement, Microsoft receives coverage under’s patent portfolio for Microsoft’s products and services.”

Annoyingly the contents of the agreement have not been fully disclosed but Microsoft has said it’s going to be “compensated” by Salesforce, based on “the strength of Microsoft’s leading patent portfolio in the areas of operating systems, cloud services and customer relationship management software.”

Exactly what compensated means is unclear, whether Salesforce will have to give a bung to Microsoft or simply Do What It Says until the end days we’ll never know. Though someone suggested to TechEye, who did not wish to be named, that has paid huge wodges of cash to make Microsoft lawyers go away, since its business software was a little too similar to Microsoft’s Dynamics suite.

Every American Corporate has about three billion Vice Presidents, at least that’s according to our own Tony Dennis, and one of them at Microsoft, Horacio Gutierrez, said that Microsoft is bigger… so there. “Microsoft’s patent portfolio is the strongest in the software industry” he gloated in the face of Salesforce, the sue-ee in the case. 

The official Redmond line on the matter is how important intellectual property plays in “ensuring a healthy and vibrant IT ecosystem.” Egosystem, shorely. Does Microsoft not remember the ageold battle between it and Custom XML, which it lost over and over again and will continue losing over and over again as the Ouroboros eats itself and Fenris appears to wreak havoc on Earth during the end times? 

Microsoft forgets when it’s convenient to forget. This time, though, it appears releasing the legal hounds has worked out well, so kudos, or not.