Micron facility in Boise spared major disaster after blast

Micron was spared major disaster after an explosion occurred at one of its buildings in Boise, Idaho.

According to the city’s fire department, Micron’s emergency response team evacuated around 200 staff within the building and many were able to return to work a few hours later.

Two Micron members of staff and two contractors suffered minor injuries. One inhaled dust, one suffered minor cuts and two complained of ringing ears.

The blast was also claimed to be strong enough to knock down a concrete wall.

Boise firefighters and its hazardous-materials squad were called to the scene following the explosion, which they claim involved a piece of research and development equipment located two floors below ground.

However, they immediately ruled out a chemical hazard as a result of the explosion.

Micron is continuing to investigate the cause of the explosion and will report its findings once this is completed.