Micron blames PCs for revenue shortfalls

D Mark Durcan, Micron CEOUS memory maker Micron announced its quarterly financial results on June the 25th, with its CEO, Marc Durcan, blaming the personal computer segment for results not as bright as it and the stock market expected.

Micron, like many other suppliers that were reliant on the X86 platform, is looking to become less dependent on the PC, by investing oin the mobile segment.

One of the problems is that Micron has been somewhat reliant on selling DRAM (dynamic random access memory) for desktops – but the trend is to move away from these and if you’re buying an X86 based machine, to buy a notebook instead.

Analysts at Seeking Alpha com issued a report and suggested if people had Intel stock (ticker: INTC) they should sell it.

In a report to its client, Seeking Alpha said: “If Micron is catching a cold from the PC market’s chill, Intel must be catching pneumonia.”

Intel’s client computing group accounts for close to 60 percent of its revenues, and although it has tried to disguise things by lumping its “disastrous” mobile sales in with its PC division.

Microsoft is also heavily dependent on the X86 market for its revenues, particularly in the commercial sector.