MEPs snub Snowden

Euro MEPs have rejected a demand from the European Green Party that urged EU governments to grant asylum to whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The request move came during the adoption of a European Parliament committee inquiry into the NSA spying scandal.

It was not really that they did not like Snowden, or what he did, but a traditional problem of allowing the EU to tell member nations who they could let into their country.

Blighty’s Claude Moraes said that member states should always have the final say over who they allow to remain inside their borders.

“The European Union does not have the power to grant asylum as the European Union, so this is something for individual member states. And the issue of asylum within this report therefore does not become a relevant issue for the European Union.”

German Green MEP Jan-Philipp Albrecht slammed what he saw as the parliament’s lacklustre response to the NSA crisis. He thinks the EU should be doing a little more to hack off the Americans for spying on EU citizens and one good way to wind them up is to give Snowden asylum.