Meet the tech fashion brat-pack

The fashion elite always has a look that defines them over their peers. Anna Wintour has her statement sunglasses, Georgio Armani makes his stand with his trademark navy t-shirts and Claudia Schiffer has her knee high boots.

However it’s time for the original fashion crowd to stand back and make way for a new wave of style icons who are worming their way into the style stakes through their classy choice of checked suits, polo shirts and jeans. 


Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer and Larry Ellison are just some of the high profile fashionistas on the tech scene.

Just one look at Steve Jobs’ classic 501s make us women drawl and turn men green with style envy. And Mr Jobs knows how to wear that denim, opting for mid rinse, light and occasionally indigo. He’s also got the distressed look just right. They don’t look new and don’t look old, they’re buttoned (never belted) above the hip but below the waist – it takes a man who knows his fashion to pull this off. Copy Jobs’ jeans with these from Asos.

While many men team up their jeans with a plain and predictable t-shirt, Steve shuns the obvious look, spicing up his denims with classy black turtlenecks – you can find one similar from Marks and Spencers – and those must-have New Balance trainers are available from Amazon.


Mr Jobs isn’t the only icon on the block. Although he may not have the business acumen of his Apple rival, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer is just as successful when it comes to style.

The Microsoft CEO looks best when he’s dressed casually in his trademark polo shirts, which he alternates in colour and style. Stripes, pinks, yellows and blues stretch nicely over his middle age paunch and compliment those classy chinos. If it’s cold we may also get a glimpse of one of those stylish knitted v-necks – most definitely cashmere – he wears to keep warm. To get a more affordable version visit French Connection.

However, he goes one step further when it comes to dressing up – take note Jobs, he’s slowly overtaking you in the fashion wars – opting for smart, often tweed, suits, pale blue shirts and bright ties to make his style stand.


Mark I did not sleep with that woman Hurd may have faced flak for his antics, but we dare anyone to point the finger at his style, because this man really has it all from that stylish mummy’s boy parting to those crisp suits, get the look at Suits You.

It’s no wonder HP wanted to get rid of him, after all anyone would be jealous of this man’s biz chic style especially when it comes to his range of striped, spotted and bright silk ties, we just hope Ellison doesn’t feel threatened although we’re sure the two fashion boys can play nicely. They do, after all, have very different looks.


If suits are your fashion fetish then you’ll know that the man to look to is Larry Ellison.

Tweed, checked, grey and black, tailored or loose, Oracle’s main man has his eye on the setting strong trends and forward thinking fashion future. Like any icon he mixes up his traditional look, shunning those shirts and sticking a stylish t-shirt underneath that jacket. If you want to look as good as Ellison visit Asos again.

Similarly to Jobs he’s also partial to a turtle neck jumper, but he’d never be caught pairing it up with a pair of jeans, it’s not his thing. What makes Ellison really stand out amongst his peers of course that rugged beard, which always looks trimmed to perfection and ranges in colours from brown to ginger to white. It suits this Autumn’s on-trend Lumberjack look nicely.


If it’s specs that rock your fashion boat then look now further than Bill Gates. Forget his sleek suits, blue shirts, serious ties, chinos and v-necks because when it comes to spex appeal this man has it all. His statement square glasses with thin lenses stand out amongst the tech crowd framing his gracefully ageing face and showing off that stylish crop hairstyle. You know Specsavers is the best place to go to get the look here.


However, Gates can’t get too complacent with his specs because one man that’s after his crown is Intel’s Paul S. Otellini. He may not wear them all the time, but when he does, those rounded specs really give him an edge over his competitors, add to that his subtle checked shirts – get yours from TM Lewin – worn in a risque open button style with no tie and he’s a definite contender for the next style king.

There you have it! Get buying.

* EyeNote: Andrea Petrou is a fashion journalist.