MeeGo dump forces Nokia CTO to jump sinking ship

It’s more gloomy news for Nokia this morning with reports that the company’s CTO has resigned.

Nokia said Rich Green had taken a leave of absence, but Finnish newspapers are claiming that he has left for for personal reasons. 

The official line from Nokia is that Mr Green has taken leave for medical reasons, but HS.Fi has quoted some sources who claim he was aghast at the company’s strategy.

Reports suggest Green was miserable about Nokia’s MeeGo dump in favour of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system. Filling his rubber boots is Henry Tirri, who is currently head of Nokia Research.  

Last month Jorma Ollila, the Finnish exec who turned Nokia around, said he’d step down next year, paving the way for the Swingin’ Stephen “Swing Factor” Elop to swing to his heart’s content.

7,000 people have been fired from Nokia while senior staff suggest it’s all a Microsoft coup.

Meanwhile, Texas Instruments lowered its revenue forecast for the second quarter of this year, blaming a lower demand for its products from Nokia.

It didn’t mince its words, saying outright that its low revenue predictions were a direct result of Nokia, which has admitted to lower sales of devices and services and less people buying its phones.  

New projected revenues are now $3.36 billion and $3.50 billion compared to the originally predicted $3.41 billion to $3.69 billion.