MediaTek signs patent deal with Rambus

Rambus has announced that MediaTek has signed a patent licensing agreement covering its integrated circuit IP.

In a statement, the firm said it is “pleased to sign the agreement with MediaTek” over the “broad range” of patents at the centre of licensing negotiations.

The two have agreed to a five year licensing deal which will tie up all outstanding patent claims, settling any previous barneys over the use of Rambus’ patents. Other terms of the agreement have not been disclosed, but you can wager a decent amount of hard cash.

Sharon Holt, a senior VP at Rambus, said that the firm was committed to ensuring greater flexibility in the system on chip (SoC) market. As long as it gets its fair share of the proceeds.

Rambus has been on MediaTek’s case for a while now, with the US International Trade Commission looking into a a mass of litigation that the firm started back in 2010.

34 companies, including MediaTek, were part of a probe, though the ITC ruled last week that MediaTek had not been in violation of Rambus’ patent rights in that case.

Rambus also recently announced that it had begun a search for a successor to its CEO Harold Hughes, who is planning on retiring from his position.  It has been said that Hughes will stay in his position at the firm until a replacement is found.