McAfee relieved Intel has cleared his good name

Hell-raising security expert John McAfee has said that he is pleased that Intel is no longer using his name for its security products.

After all, McAfee has his good name to live up to and no longer really wants to be associated with a fashion bag maker which appears to be only on the highway to hell.

McAfee sold his anti-virus software to Chipzilla for $7.7 billion.

Intel Chief Executive Brian “gadget mad” Krzanich announced the decision to abandon the McAfee name late on Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, saying the company plans to move those products to the “Intel Security” brand.

Many observers think that McAfee’s association with drugs, prostitutes and murder raps might not be the sort of image that Intel might want for its products. However, McAfee said it was the other way around.

He said that he had been begging Intel to drop the brand or fix the product for ages.

Last June, McAfee appeared in a profanity-laced video attacking the quality of the software produced by the company he founded in the late 1980s.

He said he was fed up with emails from customers who complain that it degrades the performance of their computers and is difficult to remove.

Intel said at the time that these “ludicrous statements” had no basis in reality. Mind you, some people think Intel these days has no basis in reality, either.

McAfee said that he was who he was and he lived on the edge and enjoy life and did not care what people think of him.  A bit like Intel, then.