McAfee happy to go to court over Belize allegations

Computer software pioneer John McAfee has confirmed that he will show up in court to be quizzed about the murder of his American neighbour in Belize last year. The family of Gregory Faull is suing him for wrongful death.

McAfee, 68, was named by police in Belize as a person of interest in the November 11, 2012, shooting, but he fled the small Central American country before he could be questioned.

He denies any involvement in the death of Faull but told Reuters he would not fight a subpoena for deposition in the lawsuit and would talk to the court about the incident.

McAfee said that he had no problems appearing in a US court to defend himself and has told the Belize coppers that he will even be questioned by them in any neutral country in the world – just not theirs.

The lawsuit in the US  District Court in Orlando, accuses McAfee of shooting Faull in the head or having him shot. It names two of McAfee’s former girlfriends, Samantha Vanegas and Amy Herbert, as McAfee’s possible agents in the killing.

They want a jury trial and damages in excess of $75,000 on behalf of Faull’s 26-year-old daughter.

McAfee told Reuters he will file a counter-claim against Faull’s estate for defamation of character and personal injury.