McAfee boss to clean out his desk

McAfee’s president David DeWalt has announced that he is cleaning out his desk after four years at the insecurity outfit.

McAfee was recently bought by Intel for $7.7 billion and it wants to replace DeWalt’s job with two co-presidents. We guess Chipzilla has seen how well the co-president thing has worked for RIM and thought “I will have some of that”.

Michael DeCesare and Todd Gebhart are expected to take over as co-presidents by the third quarter of this year. They will report to Renée James, Intel’s senior vice president and group general manager and chairman of the McAfee subsidiary.

DeWalt is resigning, but plans to remain a non-employee member of McAfee’s board of directors. In a statement he said that he will be leaving McAfee in great hands. The outfit had strong results, a record quarter and a “great pipeline of innovation”. We had a great pipeline of innovation when we visited a beach party in New Zealand, it was very relaxing although we are not sure how it would help any company build products.

DeCesare is currently McAfee’s executive vice president for global operations, while Gebhart, who has been with the company since 1999, is McAfee’s executive vice president and general manager, consumer, mobile and small business.