Marvell changes to Chinese name

Semiconductor company Marvell is introducing a new Chinese name for its company, Mei Man, which literally translates to “beautiful harmony”.

We’re told that the new name is supposed to reflect Marvell’s attitude toward providing industry leadership in China and its “win-win” business philosophy.

Weili Dai, Vice President, couldn’t resist throwing in a pun: “When we founded Marvell in 1995, our goal was to build a marvelous company committed to technology excellent and business integrity. 15 years later, I am proud that our track record of achievement, our rapid growth and our global reputation with customers and partners demonstrates our success.”

He went on to say that his company is full of “beautiful harmony” and that the established Chinese name captures everything “Marvell stands for” like semiconductors.

The company has a ton of operations in China so it makes sense to adopt a positive brand name in the region. It’s got baes in Shanghai, Beijing, Hefei and Shenzhen. 

The Santa-Clara company has come on leaps and bounds since it started as a tiny effort back in 1995, as our sometimes fearsome sometimes friendly mate Sylvie Barak tells us here.