Mark Zuckerburg becomes the evil land magnet

railway trackIt appears that social notworking magnet Mark Zuckerburg has been watching a few too many black and white melodramas and has cast himself as a bad-guy with the big black mustache.

Zuckerburg owns 700 acres of land in Hawaii which he thinks isn’t enough, but has decided he wants more and has filed a lawsuit to force owners of several small parcels of land to sell to the highest bidder.

Now, these property owners are completely surrounded by Zuckerberg’s land holdings and therefore have lawful easement to cross his property to get to theirs. Landowners such as these came to own their land when their ancestors were “given” the land as Hawaiian natives.

Many of these land owners have held their land for generations, Zuckerberg does not want them around and he has piles of cash to make sure they don’t.

If successful in his “quiet title” court action, Mr. Zuckerberg will finally have his slice of Hawaii’s beaches and tropical lands without having to deal with the pesky presence of neighbours who were on his land before he owned it.

The court is a much better tool than having to tie a woman to the railroad tracks to get you way.