Mark "I did not have sex with that woman" Hurd to go to Oracle

The winer and diner of former soft-porn stars, Mark Hurd has decided that after being kicked out from his job of turning HP into a winner, it is best to go and work for his chum Larry Ellison at Oracle.

According to the Wall Street Journal  the disgraced HP CEO Mark Hurd is “in talks” to join computer technology corporation Oracle “as a top executive.”

Hurd resigned from HP after an investigation into a sexual harassment claim made by a former soft-porn star turned marketing expert.

The board investigation discovered that wining and dining former soft porn stars and looking up their dossiers on his HP PC, did not violate its sexual harassment policy, but the investigation nevertheless uncovered evidence that he filed expense reports which were a little on the creative side.

The Wall Street Journal report says that Hurd will not replace his chum Larry Ellison as Oracle CEO. But it is not clear what he will actually do and what the oversight on his expenses claims will be.

Ellison said to The New York Times that when HP let Hurd go, it “failed to act in the best interest of [its] employees and customers,” so it’s not surprising that Oracle is interested in bringing Hurd on board.