Mark Hurd barges in on HP shareholder lawsuit

Mark “I did not sleep with that woman” Hurd has waded into a shareholders lawsuit.

Bloomberg has, ahem, Hurd that the former HP CEO has asked a Delaware judge to allow him to intervene in a shareholder’s lawsuit so he can fight to keep a sealed letter about his departure confidential. Why?

Hurd is currently under scrutiny by the US Securities and Exchange Commission over his departure from HP in August. But he’s decided to put a ban on what information can be released about him, telling the Delaware Chancery Court Judge,  Donald Parsons Jr, that his name should not be added to the lawsuit – seeking company books and records. His argument is to do with a letter from his lawyer Gloria Allred, which Hurd claims is personal and his alone.

The letter was sent by his lawyer to former softcore porn actress Jodie Fisher, who claimed that Hurd had sexually harassed her when he was at HP.

It was sent “for the purpose of attempting to arrange a private mediation and/or achieve private resolution of a potential dispute between Mr. Hurd and Ms. Jodie Fisher,” but Hurd claims that the letter contained “many inaccuracies,” and therefore was not fit for public exposure.

Hurd of course now works as co-president for Oracle with Lounge Lizard Larry Ellison.