Mark Hurd alleged to be the world's worst date

The letter which indirectly resulted in Mark Hurd being fired as HP’s CEO has finally been made public. Hurd did his best to keep the complaint letter from the former soft-porn diva Jodie Fisher secret.

That would appear to be because it makes him look like the worst romantic since Julian Assange.

According to the letter, which was penned for Fisher by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, Hurd was jolly nice on her first day at work and took her to dinner. He then touched her with his hand in a way that made her uncomfortable and asked her to spend the night in his room.

Hurd told Fisher he had other mistresses and talked about his “popularity” with other attractive women including singer Sheryl Crow. Crow, who had sung at HP events, was “crazy about him” and he had a girl in New York and another one in San Francisco. This is just the sort of thing you say if you are hoping for a night of seduction and passion.

When that failed to impress, he actually got out his wallet to show her how much cash he had in his account. The sexy beast had “over a million dollars”.

In a desperate attempt to woo her he even played the “I want to spend my life with you” card – without much success either.

After the date Fisher felt “violated, used and disregarded” and coming from someone who starred in Body of Influence 2 that is saying something.

Fisher, a part-time marketing contractor, said later that the letter contained unspecified inaccuracies so we are still left wondering what was inaccurate.

However, she followed up her meetings with Hurd by sending him a series of enthusiastic emails that didn’t mention coming back to his place.

Hurd, 54 was married and Fisher dropped her claim of sexual harassment after Hurd paid her an undisclosed sum. Neither actually had sex and HP said its own investigation found no basis for the harassment claim.

It blamed Hurd for “poor judgement” and for fiddling his expenses because his dinners with Fisher were on the company’s dime.

A Hurdish spokesperson said that the letter was “filled with inaccuracies” but again he did not say which ones were wrong.

The letter contains the allegation that one of Hurd’s chat up lines was being involved in secret negotiations for HP to buy tech services company EDS in a $13.9 billion deal. This allegation was investigated by regulators but they could not find any proof that anyone used or profited from the advanced information.

Allred and attorneys for Hurd have tried to keep the eight-page letter confidential, but he had turned it over to HP’s top attorney who had to surrender it to a lawyer for an HP shareholder, and a Delaware court ruled that the letter should be made public. With a few sentences blacked out to protect the privacy of Hurd’s family.

The letter claims Hurd first asked Fisher to spend the night in his hotel room after both attended an HP sales conference in Atlanta in October 2007.

According to her attorney, Hurd said he wanted to show Fisher his dossier in his hotel room. Fisher had misgivings but went. Hurd sat next to her and twice touched her breast with his hand, according to Allred’s letter. When Fisher said something about the touching, the letter claims, Hurd laughed it off. The incident not the breast.

Allred’s letter, however, describes an “uncomfortable dance” over the next several months, as Hurd allegedly shared personal information about his family life and made further overtures to Fisher, including two brief kisses.

Hurd’s attorney, Amy Wintersheimer, told the Mercury News that there never was any sexual harassment, which HP’s investigation confirmed, and there never was any sexual relationship, which Fisher has confirmed.

Oracle Senior President in Charge of Vice, sorry, Vice President Ken Glueck said that this letter was recanted by Fisher because it was full of inaccuracies. So that solves all that, Mark still has his mistresses, his million in the bank and his wife, apparently.