Man promises cheap space travel

A man reckons he can get you and your girlfriend into space for about $200,000 where you can indulge your fancies in a pressurised environment. But read on….

The White Bull guys are holding their version of Dragon’s Den.The judges are Chris Mottes of Six Ravens Capital, Edwin Hengsmengel of Van den Ende & Deitmers, Michelle Coventry of Maven Ventures. The host is Jeff Coe, from Linden Ventures.

The victims are Nubera, Tally Fox, ScienceMage, One Content, Mobile On, Publisha, Iovox and zero2infinity. The victims have to pitch for 90 seconds and the judges then decide whether they’d invest in the companies. Poor souls.

Nubera’s Manuel Jaffrin said the company was a cloud computing company. He’s a co-founder and he and the other guy put their own money into it. He wants an investment of $1.5 million to develop software and follow up on leads. He got the thumbs up from all three vultures.

Trudi Schifter from Tally Fox was next up. She’s the CEO and Founder. Tally Fox provides a unified “out of the box collaboration suite”. She’s working with high profile clients. She wants to raise $2 million. We think that the company is designing social networks for enterprises. We’re not sure. She got the thumbs down from all three judges.

ScienceMage was nxt up in the shape of Theodore Beale. ScienceMage is a game development studio founded by three game designers. It has $325 million revenues. It owns the necessary tech to produce casual and core games. It anticipates an exit in excess of a billion Euro in 10 years. It’s looking for $10 million, to develop a casual game. One VC said no because he disagrees that designers should be in the development process from A to Z. Another VC said no. The third VC said no because he wasn’t clear about the positioning of the company.

Mark Heidiger from One Content said his company is in the enterprise CMS game, and wants to bring document content online – the two co-founders worked at SAP and Google. He wants $1.5 million. He’s already got some big deals lined up, for example with Zurich Finance. Two VCs said no, one said yes.

Andrew Lunstad from Mobile On was the next guy up. We met him at the bar last night, he’s a good guy. His luggage still hasn’t turned up, he’s surviving on White Bull t-shirts. His company works on tools to easily create mobile apps. It’s difficult to create and keep mobile apps up to date. His product works across most of the most important platforms like the Crackberry and iPhone and Android.  Hey, Andrew got the thumbs up from all three.

Ian Howlett from Publisha says print mags are in real trouble. Publishers lack the skills to go digital. Core competence is in creating content. He said the publishing company will be a virtual company using a single tool to publish across many different platforms. It’s a publishing system in a box. It integrates advertising as well as content. He wants one and a half million quid. He’s signed up 1100 publishers so far. The company might start selling its own ads. His company is pre-revenue and his customers aren’t paying yet. The VCs said yes.

Ryan Gallagher from Iovox sells voice as a solution. But you needed to be a developer to build tools on top of the internet. But telephony still has a huge future. He’s looking for five million euro to grow the business.  He got three yesses too.

Last – Jose Mariano Lopez from zero2infinity made his pitch. He talked about flying into space and said his company is offering zero emissions for space flight and not just for ultra rich people. This guy has a background in the aerospace industry and was at MIT. He’s talking about high altitude balloons with a pressurised capsule. By the end of next year he’s talking about a human up there and between 2013 and 2015 there will be commercial passengers. He wants a million to  get his first human up there.  It will cost 110,000 euro to fly for one person. He sees no need to lower the price. It will be 20 times less expensive than Virgin Galactic per minute. Two of the VCs liked it a lot.

I liked it a lot.