Mainframes big business in the Cloud

Businesses believe that the mainframe is an essential part of their cloud computing strategy, a survey by CA Technologies has found.

In a survey of over 300 IT decision makers,  three quarters also believe mainframe will have a role in any cloud computing initiative and 82 percent of respondents said they intend to use the mainframe technology in the future either as much or more than they do now.

A further 54 percent agreed that cloud computing would play a part in sustaining or extending the mainframe environment.

There are a range of reasons why mainframe was considered a valuable asset. Just over half said it was because it was reliable while 46 percent cited server consolidation to the mainframe and 40 percent put this down to green IT.

66 percent of those asked, however, had serious staffing issues when it came to the technology. This included a greying workforce and difficulties in hiring new staff. According to the survey the most pressing issues facing European organisations in the next 12 months are an increased demand for training.

CA is the largest flogger of independent mainframe software.