Macmillan and Amazon in spat over e-book pricing

Amazon has taken all e-books published by Macmillan off its Kindle e-reader site because of an argument the two companies are having over pricing.

A lass using a Kindle, from Kindle web siteAccording to reports, Macmillan issued a statement yesterday saying that its CEO, John Sargent, had visited Amazon HQ to try and broker new terms and conditions and on his return from that meeting was told that its e-books would only be listed as available through third parties.

Sources indicated that Macmillan had wanted to price its e-book editions at $15 rather than the $9.99 price Amazon wanted to sell them for.

Last week Macmillan became one of the publishing partners for the Apple iPad. Apple has plans to allow publishers to set their own prices for books, and that price is likely to be around $15.

Amazon wants to keep the prices of e-books for the Kindle at $9.99 – and it’s likely this Macmillan-Amazon spat may well spread to other publishers too.