LulzSec hack reveals people are bookworms

LulzSec has posted 62,000 hacked email accounts and besides the annoyance value it has showed that most people have some very strange ways of selecting their passwords.

PC Pro  has gone through all of the 62,000 passwords released by LulzSec and looked for a common theme.

As you might expect, the most-used is “123456”, which comes up 568 times. The next most common password is “123456789”, with 184 occurrences. So far so predictable, and “password” is used 133 times.

Then it gets more interesting. The next most common password is “romance”, at 88 occurrences, followed by “102030”. After that, with 67 occurrences, is “mystery”.

We are getting into book territory here with words like “shadow”, “bookworm”, “reader”, “reading”, “booklover”and “library” all up there. More than 30 people have chosen “writerspace” as their password.

One thing that cannot be explained however is why the seventh most popular password  is ajcuivd289

Another thing that PC Pro noted was the email addresses that people were using. More than 29 include the word “goddess”, while 37 users identify as some sort of “vamp” or “vampire”. There were 62 prince or princesses, while 68 call themselves king and 85 queens.

77 users have the word “dragon” in their email address, while 127 opt for the handle “bear”

More than 135 of the email addresses include the term “sex”, and 204 of them refer to “love”. Over 300 referred to “lady”.

Book was the most popular user name and featured in 326 different usernames.