London Olympics traffic problem solved: 'sleeping pods' at work

In this age of austerity, data centre services company, Interxion, thinks it has come up with an innovative way to beat the traffic when the Olympics tourists flood London this Summer.

While the champagne drinkers who occupy parliament suggested simply going out for dinner every single night until the Olympics are over, Interxion has a more pragmatic approach for workers. Instead of having to deal with the tedium of the tube or forking out for that wallet-sapping congestion charge, its engineers have been given access to temporary bedrooms: Japanese-style ‘sleeping pods’.

Forget BYOD, Interxion is pioneering Bring Your Own Bed.

File away troublesome employees in enormous filing cabinets as they sleep


Not only do the pods offer “comfort”, “privacy”, and “security”, the real dealbreaker is that they can keep staff on site 24/7. Saving potentially hundreds on Oyster top-ups and London Underground travel cards, workers will be able to clock off from a day’s work by climbing into their personal sleeping tubes and quietly nodding off to the relaxing hum of a busy data centre.

In this connected world, engineers can be on call at all times, but with the pods, they can avoid the hassle of going home and coming all the way back to work by kipping on the job.

No sex please, we’re wage slaves

Interxion’s UK managing director, Greg McCulloch, said in a statement: “Due to the nature of our business we need to be ready for all eventualities and while we are excited to have the Olympics in London we also need to be sure that we can continue to offer the highest level of resilience to our customers. The installation of the sleeping pods is another great example of Interxion putting resilience and uptime at the forefront of everything it does.”

Foxtons estimates these pods are renting for up to £1 million each during the Olympics

Perhaps we are being a little unfair to Interxion. A similarly sized studio flat in the area costs approximately £100,000, so it is sitting on some prime real estate. 

Interxion’s data centre, based just off trendy Brick Lane, is perfectly placed to local amenities with a Tesco’s Express and a Sainsbury’s Local in walking distance, along with plenty of  bars and only ten minutes walk to the buzzing nightlife of Shoreditch – and just five minutes away from the tourist friendly, famous curries of Banglatown.