Logitech buys Paradial AS

Logitech has bought out Norwegian maker of firewall and NAT video communication tech Paradial AS for an undisclosed amount.

It says that Pardial’s technology is one of the best in the game for internet based video communication when calling over protected networks, and will stop firewalls from bugging you while still maintaining a high level of security  during a video call. Logitech already has some Paradial technology on the go for its LifeSize customers after an OEM agreement, but now that it has bought out Paradial it will be able to integrate firewall and NAT traversal across the board.

Except for an unlucky few getting the sack, the majority of Paradial employees will go on to work within Logitech’s LifeSize division, including its founders. 

CEO at Logitech Gerald P. Quindlen reckons that it’s good news for its enterprise and business efforts. “By integrating Paradial’s technology into our future product portfolio, Logitech is positioned to deliver a complete HD video conferencing experience for companies of any size.” We don’t know why HD is a priority for business conference calls, but apparently it is for Logitech.

LifeSize itself was bought by Logitech in December 2009 in an effort to ramp up its HD conferencing abilities.