Linux creates summit to teach about Android

The Linux Foundation has decided to teach people all about Android.

It announced that it will be running the “first ever” Android Builder Summit from the 13-14 April. However, you’ll have to be a bit flush or have a friendly company paying for you as the event will take place in San Francisco.

The event was created at the request of The Linux Foundation’s members who wanted to be able to facilitate collaboration at the systems level. This is because the Android market is what it claims, is one of the fastest growing areas in all of
technology today.

It is also hoped that those attending the event will learn about how the adoption of Android into the Linux system can help within the the consumer devices market.

Summit topics will include: custom builds, alternative middleware, network functionality extensions, Peer-to-Peer frameworks, USB device support, security, unification of power management, tools and hybrid Android devices.

“Linux is providing the foundation on which next-generation devices are being built, and Android is one of the most shining examples of how successful this model can be,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation.

“We’re pleased to facilitate collaboration among the Android’s ecosystem participants and drive
innovation at the systems level of the platform.”