Linex sues Apple and HP, claims they stole its ideas

Linex Technologies is suing the world+dog for violating its wireless communications patents.

The maker of expensive printer ink, HP, cargo-cult Apple will share the dock with Aruba Networks, Meru Networks, and Ruckus Wireless.

Linex has moaned to the US International Trade Commission and asked the import of offending gear be banned.

If it has its way, offensive products like the HP Pavilion and Envy laptops, Apple’s MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Airport Extreme, and Time Capsule will be banned from the Land of the Fee.

Linex is based in Florida where it licenses wireless technologies for a living. It has also filed a lawsuit in the US District Court in the District of Delaware against the same outfits. In Delaware, it is asking for damages for the violation of its patents. The patent in question is this one.

The patents are related to space diversity and coding. There is also a patent invention for a spread-spectrum antenna and method, which uses multiple transmitter antennas and multiple receiving antennas to make a signal a bit more reliable.

Another patent is connected to the a multiple-input multiple-output spread spectrum system and method, which uses multiple antennas to boost a wireless signal indoors.