Life mimics our art as Vole buys VoloMetrix

voleSoftware giant Microsoft is becoming more like Vole every day and has even bought an outfit called VoloMetrix to improve its overall Volishness.

Ever since a huge skeleton of a giant Vole was dug up at Redmond, we have been calling Microsoft “Vole” because clearly the way it behaved was in its antique genes.  Mike had a pair of antique jeans so knows how tight they are about the crotch.  Over the years, we have even acquired web addresses like Volesoft for our own gags and cunning plans.

Last week it was leaked to us that Microsoft was planning to increase its volishness by buying an employee productivity outfit appropriately called VoloMetrix.  This outfit has been helping Boeing, Facebook, Genentech, Qualcomm, Seagate, and Symantec measure their Volish habits by looking at their email.

VoloMetrix uses data about an employee’s email habits and electronic calendar to provide a view into productivity trends across a company. Too many meetings, for example, could prevent teams from getting real work done.

Top Vole Rajesh Jha said the technology would become part of Microsoft’s organisational analytics offering, appropriately called Delve, which will be digging Volehills out of company data from October. Eventually, the service will become part of Office 365, which Jha oversees.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed as providing useful information is decidedly non-Volish. Writing in his bog about the deal, VoloMetrix co-founder and CEO Ryan Fuller hinted about several forthcoming updates. Becoming part of Microsoft will allow the team to scale far more quickly than previously possible.   Roughly translated this means that until now they have only been little Voles and now will become huge, with giant whiskers and claws.

“Microsoft has a huge vision to reinvent productivity and a set of assets in Office 365 that are fundamental to how work gets done,” Fuller said.