LG to release WebOS tellies

More than half of LG’s TVs next year will run webOS TV, the company said. LG used to be called Lucky Goldstar.

It claims that the move will make TV simple again with an easy to use interface.

Instead of a grid of apps, everything you want to do is arrayed horizontally.

The line gives you a list of your favorite apps Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube, along with a card that represents your last app and another called “Today” that can make content recommendations.

LG doesn’t create a distinction between smart TV apps and regular TV and inputs. So it does not matter what the source is, WebOS will just take you back and forth between whatever appliance is connected to the telly.

LG’s TVs can automatically identify new inputs and label and name them for you so if you plug in a PS4, it will appear as a PS4 card, not just “HDMI 2.

Set up might appear confusing but it does have a “Cinematic Setup” which is alarming close to the Microsoft Paperclip which walks users through the first-use.

Bean Bird is meant to encourage users to finish their smart TV setup.

Reviewers of the new OS are impressed that LG might be onto something here. The design is simple and uses strong colours, and the lines, really come from old TVs and how even the ‘no signal’ used to look.

It is a sad end though for webOS which looks like it will never achieve the goals its original creators had set for it.