LG, Samsung announce curved OLED TVs

LG and Samsung have both launched  the first curved screen, OLED TVs. Both have utilised the technology to create curved TV’s, which can be viewed from any angle. 

Samsung has not released too much information about what it plans to offer, with its executive vice president of visual displays HS Kim, merely claiming in a statement that the company would continue to enhance the product line “beyond the World’s First Curved OLED TV.”

LG went into a little bit more detail.  The company’s 55 inch EA9800 boasts full 3D cinema support, which when coupled with the curve design, gives users a better viewing experience and removes the problem of screen-edge visual distortion.  In addition, the company claims its proprietary WRGB technology – a Four-Colour Pixel system with a white sub-pixel – gives better screen quality. 

This technology is said to work in conjunction with the standard RGB setup and through the built-in Colour Refiner delivers better tonal enhancements. To put it simply, it means that images that are more vibrant, according to the company.  

No separate backlight is needed, meaning the TV is super-skinny, with LG using carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) to reduce unit weight as well.

LG says its Cinema Screen Design feature contains elements that result in a narrow screen bezel, which is practically invisible to the naked eye and so improves viewing.

Finally, the Smart Touch Control feature allows people to control the TV’s basic functions, such as changing channels and volume, and powering on or off. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.