LG dodges Blu Ray patent group because it still wants to litigate

It seems LG is dodging joining an independent licensing company for patents essential to Blu-ray Disc products because it wants to keep litigating.

Cyberlink announced that it had joined forces with Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and LG arch-rival Sony to form One-Blue, LLC. The idea of the consortium is to help companies in the industry with a patent licensing service.

Under the “one-stop shop” banner, potential licensees won’t have to handle problems or approach respective patent owners individually.

That is, unless they want to work with LG, which is noticeably absent from the gang.

We’re currently waiting to hear from the horse’s mouth why it’s missing.

But there is speculation that it has dodged the consortium because it wants to keep up the tiffs that have been in the news lately.

A Sony and LG patent battle has been ongoing for a while now. A ruling even scuppered the physical shipment of Sony’s PS3 console because of disagreements over Blu-Ray.

FOSS patent blogger Florian reckons it’s because LG wants to keep up the good fight.

He told TechEye: “Of course this coalition is incomplete as LG is not on board. There are different reasons why companies form these types of consortium. The most popular is MPEG LA, which is a licensing authority formed of many different companies, and like this new group describes itself as a “one stop shop” for video patent licensing.

“The difference between the two however is that this consortium has more companies and can license all the relevant patents relating to the MPEG format.”

The Cyberlink group is incomplete, as someone looking to license patents would need to go to LG separately.

“It is a coalition of the willing and puts people one step closer to legal reassurance. If a company doesn’t choose to join it shows it may want to continue to litigate. This is why LG won’t join “

LG has not responded to our queries at time of publishing.