LG Display workers go on strike

Shop stewards at an LG Display factory in eastern China have blown their whistles and shouted “everyone out.”

In what is part of a general trend of Chinese workers getting miffed at their treatment by foreign-owned factory bosses, workers at the plant went on strike over year end bonuses.

LG has confirmed that the strike has forced the suspension of some of its processing in the Nanjing plant.

Nanjing city government and LG are jointly negotiating with workers to smoothly reach an agreement and expect the problems to be resolved soon.

What appears to have got the Chinese worker’s goat was that South Korean staff at the factory received the equivalent of six months’ wages, while they only got a month’s pay.

China Labor Watch claimed that management threatened to close the plant entirely and prosecute the leaders of the strike. It said the strike involved 8,000 workers.

Pictures of the strike have been circulated on the World Wide Wibble – one of the snaps shows angry workers standing around a toppled Christmas tree. Reuters said it could not confirm that the pictures were from the plant… er the factory not the Christmas tree.