Lenovo talks up the "PC plus" era

While the Apple frenzied press and even a few analysts seem to think we will be designing CAD images on our smartphones, Lenovo has been trumpeting the return of the PC.

Lenovo, which should become the world’s number one PC maker this year, is pushing what it calls the “PC plus” era and is increasing production in major markets including the United States.

This is the opposite of what should be common sense if the world really is moving to mobile computing and the PC is a thing of the past. But it makes absolute sense if the slide of PC sales is due to the economic downturn.

Lenovo Chief Executive Yuanqing Yang told Reuters that no one was living in a post-PC world. Instead it was entering the PC plus era and only those who do not innovate in PCs will die.

He said that in the IT industry, many players think PCs have become a commodity product. But Lenovo has not seen it like that.

The way forward is to redefine the category with products like Yoga, a laptop running Windows 8 that can be converted to a tablet by flipping the screen all the way backwards, he said.

Twist, another laptop that has a screen connected through a hinge, has also been doing rather well.

Yang said that Lenovo has been nurturing new areas including smartphones and tablets and is ready for it.

Lenovo, which is making a concerted global push into tablets and Ultrabooks, does not expect to launch a smartphone in the US until it gets more brand recognition.