Lenovo hits big figures for the year

It’s gold stars all round for Lenovo, which will be getting big pats on the back from its investors.

The PC company today released its fourth quarter financial results, ending in March 2011, which show that it made full-year sales of $21.6 billion.

It’s also boasting that it has hit a full-year double digit record market share of 10.2 percent as well as claiming that for the eighth quarter in a row it “outgrew the worldwide PC market as a whole.”

It also said that whilst the overall industry saw a decline of 1.1 percent in PC shipments, during this period its own numbers rose by 16 percent, while consolidated sales the same time grew 13 percent year-over-year to $4.88 billion.

When it came to operating profits the company claims that it raked in a 50 percent increase to $69 million, while consolidated sales increased 30 percent to $21.6 billion.

According to the company its success was down to a range of its different business arms  including its new Mobile Internet and Digital Home business, which has a big hand in making tablets and smartphones, as well as a cloud computing arm.  

It’s also managed to get its foot into international doors. Its partnership with NEC was attributed to helping it get a leg into the Japanese market, while selling its first tablet exclusively in China gave it an edge here.

In China, the company gained $2.2 billion in consolidated sales, while PC shipments here grew 15.8 percent year-over year.
In emerging markets shipments grew 88 percent in Russia, 58 percent in India and 15 percent up in Brazil.