LCD monitor production will continue to soar

LCD monitor production got close to an all time high over May, with a massive 12.7 million monitors produced over the month. Following this trend, production plans for August are currently set at 14.8 million units.

The huge unexpected rise in LCD production lines puts rates for January – Auguest 2010 19 percent above the same period year on year, says DisplaySearch in its monthly LCD brand and OEM production report. It comes from big Chinese brands increasing production such as Great Wall and Lenovo, as well as other China-focused Asian brands like AOC and Founder.

Great Wall has shot up the brand ratings from #16 in the world last quarter 2009 to #11 in Q1 2010 and it’s expected it will hit the big top ten this year. Dell is still top dog in LCD monitor production, followed by Samsung, LGE, HP and Acer. Lenovo and AOC just miss out taking spots six and seven respectively.

The report tells us that there is evidence of corporate PC refresh cycles popping up globally. Dell, for example, is raising its production demand for its OEMs 23 percent from July through to August.