LCD kills off CRT in Russia

The Russian TV market is being swamped with LCD-TVs and it is only a matter of time before tube-type CRTs are obliterated, according to display analysts at iSuppli.

The Russian market is huge. LCD-TV shipments will reach 5.9 million sets by the year’s close, up 18 percent from the five million in 2009. It’s a 98 percent saturated market, says iSuppli, with just about every Russian household owning one TV set or more, and LCD TVs are luring the consumer.

CRT-TVs are on the way out. They comprise the second largest TV segment in Russia over 2010 but shipments will fall to just 193,000 by 2014 – they’re at 1.3 million units this year. The share for CRT sets will drop to four percent in 2014, while they’re at 16 percent this year. LCD TVs by contrast will expand three points for a 79 percent share. 

It’s good news for panel makers who need to flog larger sets, too. Large sized LCD TVs are gaining serious traction, with a 32 inch model being the most popular screen size in the Russian market and accounting for 43 percent of all LCD TV shipments in 2010. 

Not satisfied with a lowly 32 incher, Russian consumers will slowly pick larger sets and eventually plump for 40 inch and above as prices decline. It’s thought that the 2014 Winter Olympics, hosted in Russia, will be a real driver for adoption of large sized sets.

As with the rest of the planet 3D sets are viewed as a premium novelty for the rich and spendthrift, accounting for just two percent of LCD TV shipments in 2010. But with increased 3D content and that wilful constant push by manufacturers we may see the 3D television climb to about a third of LCD TV shipments by 2014. 

LED backlit LCD TVs, which will be a major drive for manufacturers if they want to keep turning tidy profits, are facing slow adoption in the country at the moment. But iSuppli believes that by 2014, they may make up over half of all LCD TV shipments in Russia.