Larry Ellison loses power of speech – shock

*UPDATE: An apology. Ellison is not 71 – he was born in 1944. But he is of pensionable age.

What a laugh! Seventy one year old Larry Ellison has lost his voice because Hewlett Packard hired ex-SAP geezer Leo Apotheker.

But Ellison (71), supposed to be the sixth richest person in the solar system, can still tap out emails to the Wall Street Journal and so can save his breath.

In a billet doux to News International’s premium “pay per page view” web site (subscription required),  Ellison said he was “speechless” about HP’s appointment. He described German SAP genius Apotheker as a man fired because he didn’t run SAP very well.

And Ellison was speechless, not textless about the board of Hewlett Packard. According to the august Journal, few members of the board own many shares in the company so will lose little, whatever.

He SMSed the Journal suggesting that the HP board should all resign straight away like a gang of lemmings, sort of.

“The madness must stop,” he texted the daily magazine.

He didn’t mention Ray Lane.