Larry Ellison cancelled my gig!

The spat between former chums Larry Ellison and Marc Benioff is reaching comedy proportions.

Benioff, who is the chief executive of, claims he has been removed as a speaker from Oracle’s OpenWorld conference which is going on in San Francisco. He sees the dark hand of the inscrutable Ellison.

He tweeted: “Larry just cancelled my keynote tomorrow! Beware of the false cloud,”

Like Ellison, Benioff is not he sort of bloke to take a perceived snub lying down. He booked the St. Regis so his words of wisdom can be written down by any members of the press who can be lured to the event with promises of bacon wrapped sausage nibbles.

Oracle said that the snub to one of its former best mates was, er, a scheduling change that was due to heavy attendance at the conference.

Apparently, because there was an overwhelming attendance at OpenWorld, some of the sessions had to be changed. It is interesting logic. If you book Peter Gabriel and you get a big turn out you shove Peter Gabriel in a theatre on a day he can’t attend.

Not that we are comparing Benioff to Peter Gabriel. We would think that Benioff’s version of Solsbury Hill would clear out a concert venue faster than one from Erasure.

But it is all amusing stuff.

Benioff spent years under Ellison, and the Oracle CEO was an early investor in

Things went pear-shaped when Benioff told CNET in 2004 he made Ellison a lot of money but he never rang him up to thank him.