LANDesk gets shifted about, again

Poor old LANDesk – it gets thrown about like nobody’s business. Intel acquired LANDesk in 1991, then about ten years later as part of Intel’s rocky software division it got flogged down river when the chip giant thought it really ought to be focusing on, er, chips. 

Now a private equity investment firm, Thoma Bravo – “a leading private equity investment firm” but also one short of an S – has decided it definitely wants LANDesk and the deal is as final as can be. Until another ten years pass, we guess. The move will see Steve Daly, no relation to John Daly, take the bump up from being vice president to CEO. LANDesk is a systems management, security management and service management company and it’s one of the first, founded in 1985.

Thoma Bravo is keen to point out in a statement that since departing from Spintel, LANDesk’s revenue has “grown at a compound annual growth rate of 20 percent since 2002”. 

We have to point out that if we were running a pseuds-corner esque corporate-speak competition, this one would get pick of the bloody litter:

“LANDesk customers will benefit from our singular dedication to innovating throughout our key solutions – systems lifecycle management, endpoint security, IT service management – and our advancement in delivering process-based solutions to help simplify IT complexity and align IT to provide greater business value.”

Financial terms were not disclosed.