Kyocera begins full production at newest solar plant

Kyocera will today begin full production at its Yasu solar cell manufacturing plant based in Shiga Prefecture, Japan – the plant was completed this March and has finished its production line testing.

The plant will be producing Kyocera’s multicrystalline silicon solar cells. Kyocera boasts that solar cells made at the plant will have 16.9 percent energy conversion efficiency, which the company claims is one of the world’s highest for the cells. Japan is currently in the top list for solar production and has been expanding constantly with the introduction of government incentives for the residential market. 

While solar is doing well, growth is set to slow down from 2011, but the industry is far from doomed.

Kyocera clearly sees that solar isn’t a fad, it’s actually a neccessary global initiative that the world is taking serious notice of, particularly in Germany, Italy and the USA. Britain is a fast growing market for solar too, with recent predictions suggesting that it is set to grow 1500 percent this year. 

So there’s clearly money to be made, and it’s not exactly blood money either: Kyocera’s going to increase its annual production to put out 600 MegaWatts this financial year, which is a 50 percent increase on the previous fiscal year. It is also looking into decreasing the cost of solar energy with its efforts to improve cell conversion efficiency.