Kraft Foods abandons “one computer fits all” policy

The maker of instant coffee and other foody things, Kraft Foods has given up trying to impose a single computer type on its employees.

The current owner of British Cadbury chocs has decided that Apple fanboys forced to use Windows and those conscripted to use Jobs Mob gear when they want a nice Windows machine is not a recipe for productivity.

According to Nexus404 the company has started a “Bring Your Own Computer” programme for those where a standard computer or laptop  just doesn’t do the job.
It means that Mac-users finally have the freedom to decline working on a PC. While PC-users can choose to run Windows Vista/7 Ultimate rather than the standard Windows XP.

The company has agreed to subsidise part of the cost if you choose to work on your own computer.    Bring Your Own Computer lets you purchase the computer of your choice, giving you the flexibility to accomplish your work on your own computer in your own way, when and where you want. Kraft Foods helps pay for the costs with a stipend. In return, you agree to maintain your own computer and follow certain guidelines.

Of course Apple users will probably not notice the subsidy as they will end up spending most of their salary on the machines.

The  minimum system requirements for the programme are that PCs have to run Windows Vista/7 Ultimate and use the Home, Business, or Professional editions. Intel Mac running Snow Leopard has to be equipped with at least a 2GHz processor and 2GB of RAM.

“Bring Your Own Computer” is only being rolled out to Kraft’s salaried employees in the US. However, the company does have plans to expand the programme globally.