Koreans call for Google to be shut down

South Korean view - Wikimedia CommonsGoogle Korea is facing suspension after a number of activists said it should be suspended from doing business in the country because it’s alleged it has violated the Telecommunications Business Law.

The Korea Times said that the local Google office described itself as a value added common carrier when it registered as a business, but claimed that services like search and advertising are made by Google in the USA.

Google claims that the Korean government has no jurisdiction over the country and any legal claims must be filed in California.

The activists describe this situation as unfair and against common standards of decency, and that the Korean government does have jurisdiction over what happens locally.

Google has used similar arguments in Europe in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid litigation.

When asked specific questions about data about Korean citizens being passed on to third parties, Google Korea claimed that it wasn’t a value added common carrier, leading to charges that it has broken the law in the country.