Kodak sues Apple, HTC and RIM

Troubled Kodak is turning to patent trollage in a bid to make some much needed cash.

According to Reuters, the outfit sued Apple, HTC and RIM claiming that the trio have infringed on four patents related to digital camera images.

HTC has infringed the same four patents as well as a fifth, Kodak claims. It has also filed patent litigation against Research in Motion, which makes the BlackBerry.

Kodak said that it had filed a related complaint against HTC and Apple with the US International Trade Commission. But as Reuters points out, Kodak needs to claw in as much cash as it can after it blinked when it came to digital camera technology.

The Wall Street Journal has even hinted that Kodak may file for bankruptcy.

Kodak said the patents involve methods to easily share pictures from their digital cameras without first transferring them to personal computers.

Apple and HTC are allegedly infringing the patents by selling and importing mobile camera phones, tablets and other devices, among them Apple’s iPad 2, the iPod touch and various iPhones.

The outfit is going for the traditional embargo to stop Apple and HTC from selling their products in the hope that it can get them to sign a licensing agreement. It also wants compensatory and triple damages. 

Kodak has played this game before, but the US ITC ruled against it.