Kodak put spin on adverse Apple, RIM ruling

Shares in Kodak fell sharply yesterday after the International Trade Commission (ITC) failed to give it a clear win in complaints it had filed against Research in Motion (RIM) and Apple.

But Kodak span the decision of the six member panel favourably, saying that the ruling was favourable.

The ITC said that Kodak’s patent – a method of viewing images on digicams – hadn’t been violated.  It has referred the matter back to a judge who will review his findings that found Kodak hadn’t breached the patent.

Kodak, in a prepared statement, got quite etymological about the ruling, saying that the ITC agreed that Apple and RIM’s “accused phones” violate the term “at least three different colours”. It also appealed against the interpretation of the term “motion processor”. The judge has been ordered to also re-interpret the meaning of “still processor” and “initiating capture”.

These rulings were sufficient for the six panel commission to send the matter back to the judge while he or she consulted a lexicon of technological terms, no doubt.

Kodak has already licensed the patent to a number of companies producing tech content including Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Motorola and Nokia.