Kiwis forget they abuse human rights

In a move of mental censorship and self-deception that Freud would have written reams on, New Zealand forgot its new status as a human rights abuser and signed a UN motion calling for nations to abandon the three strikes idea.

For those who came in late, the three strikes law is when a government gives up its citizens rights to be tried by a court when someone makes an allegation against them. Instead a movie studio or recording outfit makes an allegation, and the government cuts off the accuseds  internet.

The UN had been looking into this bizarre method of justice and an inquiry had decided that it was an abuse of human rights.

New Zealand is proud of its record on human rights. It was the first country in the world to give women the vote and bring in state pensions, but for some reason last month it signed into law something which was remarkably like a three strikes law.

We understand that being tarred as a human rights abuser does not sit very well with the “fair go” attitude of the Kiwis and it appears that collectively they have decided to banish the whole thing from their unconscious.

When the UN decided to approve a statement which was critical of the three strikes law, New Zealand signed it along with the US and Canada.

The United Kingdom and France, two nations that have enacted “three strikes” regimes, did not sign the statement. They know they are human rights abusers, but its ruling parties get on too well with movie stars and people in the music business to care.

New Zealanders are not used to being International pariahs so we guess it is better just to be hypocrites.

Of course the country is used to such double standards.  When Melissa Lee voted for the three strikes law. she did so knowing that she illegally shared some music the night before

New Zealand politicians have never been the brightest of bulbs, David Lange being unusual in that he was both bright and witty,  we have to wonder if the Kiwis know what they voted for.