Kingston demands Taiwanese alliance against Samsung

Kingston Technology co-founder David Sun appears to be losing his marbles, telling the world of a crackpot scheme to unite leading Taiwanese firms in a battle against the foreign invader Samsung.

Stopping just short of a stirring ‘we will fight them on the beaches’ rhetoric, David Sun has called on the Taiwanese government to form an alliance of DRAM makers against the invading might of South Korea’s Samsung.

An unholy alliance of TSMC, AUO, HTC and Powerchip Semiconductor Corp has been suggested to be enlisted in the battle against their common foe, which Sun believes has been making moves into the island.

According to Sun, South Korean banks are able to throw a lot of financial weight behind the foreign deals of the mega-brands, particularly Samsung, while Taiwan’s high tech industries do not have the available resources to fall back on.

And with the smaller size of some Tawainese firms meaning that the island’s banks are reluctant to lend financial support, Sun believes domestic firms are at a disadvantage to mega-bucks Samsung, which has ventured into electronics industries in Taiwan.

Furthermore, as part of Sun’s plan, he believes following losses reported by many of the island’s DRAM firms, the Taiwanese government should provide a $2 billion warchest to begin the battle to drive Samsung from its shores.

This will apparently form the basis of helping the DRAM makers ‘integrate’, with the goal of pulling in leaders in the silicon foundry, flat panel and handset industries to the fight, according to CENS.

Sun, who we guess is holed up in a bunker putting together counter invasion plans as we speak, said that a coalition of TSMC, AUO, HTC and PSC would be the “optimum situation”.