Katz are on a legal hot tin roof

elon-musk-tesla-109Car maker Tesla is suing an oil executive claiming he tried to impersonate Elon Musk to dig up confidential financial information from the company.

The lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of Santa Clara County, claimed that the chief financial officer for Quest Integrity Group, Todd Katz, emailed Tesla’s chief financial officer using a similar email address to  Musk’s.

Telsa claims he was looking to gain information that wasn’t disclosed in an earnings call with investors.

Quest Integrity Group has ties to BP, Chevron, and ExxonMobil.

Katz apparently used “elontesla@yahoo.com” to send an email to Tesla CFO Jason Wheeler asking about the company’s sales and financial projections.

Tesla’s brief John Hueston said that the point of this action is that this was perceived as an effort to gain inside information, non-public information.

“Although it was caught here, Tesla is worried about this happening in some other form. This could have resulted in highly valuable information being improperly disclosed,” he said.

However one of the key parts of the story is that whoever sent the email actually thought that no one would notice Tesla using a yahoo account.