Justin Bieber wants to be a tech investor

Popular beat combo artist Justin Bieber is celebrating his first pubic hair by turning into a tech investor.

According to Business Insider, the 17 year-old Wesley Crusher of pop,  who is currently dating an older woman actress and singer Selena Gomez, is rumoured to have developed an interest in tech start-ups.

Bieber has already written a cheque for a stealth New York startup, which Busines Insider could not name and shame yet. The outfit is apparently a “good-natured” firm with “other high-profile celebrity backers on board”. We would hate for someone who may or may not still wear a pledge ring to get their reputation damaged by involvement with a patent troll or similarly evil outfit.

Bieber has also been seen playing a pick-up basketball game with Canadian Steve Nash and investor Michael Duda.

Nash and Duda are the co-founders of Consigliere, which is a marketing firm and investment fund that reportedly has funded the New York start-ups Birchbox, StellaService and Chloe & Isabel.

Certainly if Bieber’s investment decisions are sorted out playing a game of basketball we can see how the whole thing is working.  In the US most business decisions are based on a golf game which Bieber is probably too young to play convincingly.

Our problem is that we re not quite sure who Justin Bieber is as we have not been privileged to hear his crooning on Roman radio.

His current squeeze, Gomez is a bit of an entrepreneur and has come up with her own clothing business which looks to us like hippy stuff made from recycled or eco-friendly materials.  Maybe she encouraged him, in a non-sexual way of course.

There has been a lot of celebrity investment in the tech industry lately. Who could forget Bono, who probably was the only person in the world to make money out of Palm’s WebOS? Or the mosquito-voiced Justine Timberlake who has bought Myspace? Certainly, we are trying.