Julian Assange dresses up for bizarre spoof video

Julian Assange is trying to get himself elected in Australian Federal Election with an unfunny video in which he impersonates 1980s pop star John Farnham.

Farnham wrote a song called “The Voice” and Assange, the would-be world statesman, is depicted as miming to it just like you would at college.

The song was sung by Geisha’s Chris Doheny. It was created by Melbourne based Juice Rap News who filmed Assange at the embassy “Live and Caged” in London.

The rest of the theme of the video was based on the Game of Thrones TV show and is called Game of Polls – geddit?

It has the Tony Abbott character promising to ban gays, “even my sister”, and has him referring to Julia Gillard as “freckle tits” while he recommends she does some ironing.

Needless to say the video has received a “mixed reaction” Down Under. Most people found it juvenile and offensive, others found it funny.  

Assange’s campaign has been a disaster from the moment it started. Rejecting his left wing base he has opted for helping back Australia’s gun nuts and white nationalists.

Assange can legally run for the Senate without physically being in the country. In the unlikely event that he wins and cannot leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London he can nominate a replacement.

Below is the video, watch it and weep.