Johnny Cash: Cash no questions HSBC

So I see that the 10 billionth download from iTunes is a song called Guess Things happen by Johnny Cash and Louie Sulcer has won a heap of cash.

Enough of that – I have problems with HSBC that make me feel I’m in a bank gaol that’s a nightmare spawned by a novelist called Aldus Orwell or George Huxley.

So here’s the story in brief. JAM IT Media Limited – the company behind TechEye – tried to open a bank account with HSBC at the beginning of December. Seven weeks later it managed to open one – the problem had been that as far as the global bank was concerned, the place I live in Oxford didn’t exist.

After giving them my utility bill and passport three times, HSBC finally realised I did exist, and opened the account. It then proceeded to send my account details to the wrong address three times and it’s failed yet again.

The courier company has a fiendish automated voice system but eventually I managed to get through to a human being located, I suspect, not too far from Bangalore, where I worked for quite some time.

The lady was perfectly pleasant, but said she couldn’t deliver the stuff to my proper address unless I gave her the address where it had been misdelivered to. My address doesn’t exist.

So where am I living? Am I living?