John McAfee turns super spy

Fugitive and antivirus entrepreneur John McAfee claims to have gone from software guru to super-spy, unearthing plots by the Belize government which he says are part of a coordinated global terror network.

The antivirus creator has hinted that he fancied himself as a James Bond style spy, admitting to using a range of technology to track government officials in Belize.

On his blog, McAfee claimed that he was “pissed” after a raid on his property by Belize Police in April, which saw his dog being shot and many items damaged. He claims he was refused an apology.

McAfee says he decided to target and spy on government officials in a bid to uncover embarrassing personal details – as well as what he claimed was an international terrorist conspiracy run out of Belize.

He started by deploying 75 netbooks and 29 operatives to track government officials, Cabinet assistants, and local power brokers.

To get into his targets’ lives the software developer gifted the laptops loaded with keylogging software to his victims and hired “‘pillow talk masters” – 23 women and six men – to seduce and wiretap targets.

McAfee claims that eight of the women were so accomplished that they ended up living with him. And as with any spy, he adds one was so accomplished, that she became a double agent and nearly got him killed.

He claims to have found damning information, one snippet being that the Prime Minister had personally ordered the murder of an alleged Belizean gang leader. He also claims that Belize was “clearly the central player in a larger network whose goal [was] to infiltrate the US with individuals having links to terrorist organisations.”