John McAfee reveals harem of honeytrap operatives

Entrepreneur and fugitive John McAfee has revealed “his girls” to the public – seven women who lived with him and, he alleges, helped him infiltrate the sphere of influence in Belize.

Earlier this month McAfee took to his blog to claim how he had gone deep undercover to dredge up damaging information on members of Belize’s government. McAfee previously alleged he was being harassed by powerful people in Belize, and later had to go on the run after another American was found dead near his mansion. 

As well as fitting 75 netbooks with tracking devices and gifting them to government officials, cabinet assistants, and local power brokers, McAfee also claimed that he hired “‘pillow talk masters” – 23 women and six men – to seduce and wiretap targets.

At the time, he said that seven of his honeys were so good that they ended up living with him. Now McAfee is giving us a glimpse of these women on his blog, who he says helped him speed up his spying.

However, as his mission is still ongoing, the introductions are brief and readers will have to wait until they can find out more details of how these girls operated.

McAfee reveals in his latest blog post that he me these women, who he encouraged to tell each other their secrets and report back to him, through a friend called Paz to whom he would give a physical description and other requirements. They were all vetted, with some given more information than others about the mission in hand. 

He claims that he liked “Sam” the best as she could play peace-maker among the group of women and could “act any part”, while Amy was also a “central” core of the team. 

In fact, he rated the pair so much he is now trying to arrange US  visas for the duo who are waiting for him in Honduras.

Others in his harem include Marcia and Angie who “came and went” a number of times while working on their assignments.