Jobs for journalists at GDC

It’s tough for hacks these days, what with the declining economy and spotty teenage boggers spewing out grammar-free, train of thought drivel for the hungry masses to devour instantaneously in 140 character chunks.

Indeed, it’s so tough, that many of us have been forced to contemplate other job options, even considering the horrid unthinkable and going over to the dark side.

The organisers of this year’s GDC conference seem to be acutely aware of this sad and ugly truth, and have obviously decided to partner with the forces of darkness to steal hack souls. How else could we explain the fact that our press bags were jam packed full of job offers and ‘consider a change in career’ fliers?

“Blizzard Entertainment is hiring!” proclaimed one of the dozens of colourful glossy ads in our press kit. “Nintendo needs YOU!” read another, whilst WB was also kind enough to inform us that if we just popped round to the booth with a CV and a business card, they’d be sure to get right back to us. If we played our cards right.

Ahh well, such is the game of life.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re just off to polish up that resume…