Japanese teens ran phone fraud ring

Inspector Knacker of the Tokyo Yard has fingered the collar of three Japanese teenagers on suspicion of running a telephone fraud ring which may have netted them $4 million

The 17-year-olds carried out a string of successful Ore ore frauds. Ore ore means “It’s me” and targets the elderly. Normally the con person calls up a victim and pretend to be a relative who has got himself into some kind of trouble.

The victim is then asked to transfer a large sum of money into their “relative’s” bank account to pay off lawyers or gangsters to sort the matter out.

According to NHK, the trio were arrested after attempting to withdraw over $10,0000 transferred by a couple in their 60s who twigged what was going on and called the cops.

The kids had pretended to be their son who needed cash to pay off a woman he’d got up the duff. The fraudster told them he had made a private settlement, but needed to pay for a lawyer.

Two of the students have apparently admitted to the coppers that they did it, while the third said it was nothing to do with him and they had “done him wrong”.

To be fair the coppers do not think the three are the criminal masterminds behind the crime, they are also looking for a Fagan type who might have shown the kids how to carry out the crimes and might pocketed the majority of the cash.

After conducting searches, Inspector Knacker found 550 cash cards in other people’s names which they said have been used to withdraw money linked to 160 phone scams since last July. Ore ore fraud is popular in Japan where adults tend to be a little trusting because the crime rates are still low. Apparently, the kids of today did not get the memo.